Zoe ventoura dating

"Whether she'll kick on and become huge and unattainable for us, I wish her all the best." Kick airs 8pm Saturdays on SBS.

By Paul Kalina June 28, 2007 The Age SBS delivers a romantic comedy set in Brunswick that determinedly does not explore ethnic differences, reports Paul Kalina.

He illustrates his point by bear-hugging Storm and mimicking the kind of shoulder-to-shoulder closeness one might find in the Tokyo subway.

It's something to do with large spaces between people and dwellings, and the freedom to choose between traditional communities and cultures and those of the adopted homeland.

Then you realise here's a girl that's good-looking and funny. If you can do drama doesn't necessarily mean you can do comedy." To prepare for the part, Storm asked Ventoura to look at the sitcom I Love Lucy, as well as Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant comedies - "shows where there are really strong female comedic leads. Ventoura's Greek father and Australian mother met on a cruise ship, where her father played in a band and her mother choreographed a show.

Those two things in themselves are a rare combination." Storm believes that comedy is the hardest genre to cast and pull off. He was from Athens, so as a compromise they settled in Perth.

Bowen admits it was a leap of faith to cast Ventoura as Miki.

She carries the drama and appears in almost every scene of the 13-part series.

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