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“Psychologists refer to this as the ‘Paradox of Choice,’” Selterman explains.“More options are not always better.”Cohen likens the flood of matches to choosing a restaurant for lunch.Quantity is a double-edged sword.absolutely necessary — a.k.a.when they have broken up with someone or have just been officially ghosted, and they need to move on, like, yesterday." data-reactid="45"I have a lot of friends who turn to apps like Tinder, Hinge, and OKCupid when absolutely necessary — a.k.a.

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I look for that inexplicable “click.” I’m not the hook-up type. Before making my decision, I need to understand how to do it the right way — without it being a total waste of my time and energy (or a source of stress).

“Using dating sites allowed me to interact with people and get to know the person before deciding to meet.”Hooking Up Smart, the Tinders and OKCupids of the world aren’t reinventing the wheel.

“Anthropologist Helen Fisher has called these ‘introducing sites’ rather than dating sites,” she tells Yahoo Health.

“Online sites dramatically increase the pool of eligible partners for those interested in finding a mate,” Cohen tells me.

“In a society in which we are often too busy to take a break …

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