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Lily Allen can finally move back into her £2million luxury flat after removal men turned up to take boxes from the property belonging to the Italian diplomats she said were refusing to move out.

The singer moaned that she and her two children would be left homeless at Christmas because her tenants couldn't find anywhere else to go.

The teenager, who said his father lives in Birmingham, has been camped at the Jungle on the edge of the northern French port city for two months.

The clip was aired on the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire show and prompted some viewers to claim her 'crocodile tears' and apology were 'ridiculous'.

The last time Lily Allen prompted a Twitter storm and a media outcry across the tabloids was when she “apologised on behalf of England” to a young refugee in the Calais Jungle, tearfully telling a 13-year-old boy from Afghanistan that she felt guilty because “the English in particular have put you in danger”.

Asked by the presenter if she would take in an unaccompanied child, she replied: '100 per cent. 'She added: 'These children are being displaced – [if] there's room for people in my house, I'm going to take them in.

I think anyone would.' Critics also accused the star of trying to boost her flagging career, and a former British commander who served in Afghanistan said: 'She clearly does not have any understanding of the situation'.

Sometimes, in some conversations, it is still necessary to say: “Yes, white men can be rapists too (and not just in cases where the women basically made them do it by wearing short skirts or drinking alcohol or venturing outside the house at night.)” It’s no secret that the same people who try to justify their racism against refugees and immigrants with the “Muslim men raping our white women” narrative are often happy to turn a blind eye when the perpetrators of sexual assault are white men.

I haven’t met many self-confessed supporters of Tommy Robinson at feminist events, nor have I seen many EDL sympathisers getting involved with efforts to combat rape culture in western society.

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