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And if you consider that games can weigh in at more that 7GB apiece - Hyrule Warriors, for example - you'll soon find that HDD full to capcity if you buy most of your software through the Nintendo e Shop.

Luckily, Nintendo had the foresight to include support for external hard drives and USB memory sticks, and it made the process of expanding the console's existing hard drive space through their use as easy as possible - even easier than adding extra storage to the Xbox One.

Select "copy/move/delete data and the next screen where you will see both the system memory and your new USB storage device listed.

You can also see how much free space is available on each.

Ours has two USB A connections at one end with a mini-B connector at the other.

You can also get them with other connection types, including micro-B, depending on the external drive's requirements.

However, if you want to move across files to the new drive so that future titles install directly onto the Wii U, you can do that too.

READ: How to upgrade your PS4 hard drive to 1TB or more for less than £60Once you have your drive and cable the actual set-up process is dead simple.That said, you might prefer a 7200RPM drive for faster loading times, although we've found little difference between loading games from our external drive than from the internal 32GB storage.READ: How to upgrade your Xbox One storage by 2TB and more: That’s up to 100 games What you must consider though is that the Wii U's USB ports are not capable of reading and writing to an external drive and powering it properly as well.It's also worth considering an even larger drive than that as there are reports of people successfully using storage solutions of up to 4TB, although we think that's a bit overkill.We even found a 1TB external drive we tested to be a bit much (hence opting for the 320GB version), but at least you know it works.

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