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Prominent Nigerians from church, education, and business communities attend book launch event.

Book has already sold out - awaits second printing!

Definitely not what the rainbow crowd wanted to see!

Pro-Abortion activists waging vicious campaign to remove successful abstinence program from St. Mass Resistance Missouri helping parents fight back. Mass Resistance Missouri Chapter makes a difference.

SEE VIDEO: At the Mass Resistance Luncheon in April, Dr.

Church described his ordeal and the dangers the medical community is ignoring. Texas Mass­Resistance mothers testifying at public hearing for Texas Privacy Act.

Despicable tactics widely condemned across America. Telling the truth without fear to overcome a wave of LGBT lies, emotion, and deception The bill would have denied parents the right to seek help for their children deal with unwanted homosexual and transgender issues.

Gives pro-family people from across the state the tools they need The speakers thoroughly educated the attendees about what's really happening -- and why!

Sally wasn't intimidated by TV cameras - or anything else.Latest News - Jan 9 From the Teens4Truth Conference: ** Sex-proofing your kids: Preparing them for the minefields of today's society.** Understanding the "gender vs gender identity" agenda targeting young children Dr.Lisa Nolland, from the UK, describes some of the perversions being introduced to kids -- that most parents know nothing about.** Reparative therapy: How healing from homosexuality -- and true change -- really works. Equipping youth and parents to take on the LGBT agenda. By Texas-Mass Resistance - hosted by the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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