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Until she met long term sponsor (Cheung) and a young guy of integrity and passion(Rex) respectively, she finally realized she had to pay for what she had chosen.

"Talk on Sex and Intimacy" covers different aspects of sexual life, includes the male and female reproductive system, the psychological factors of sexuality, human sexual response including orgasm, positions in intercourse and sexual skills, common sexual problems encountered by couples, and general sexual dysfunction, etc.

At the closure of the 4th Asian Conference on Sexuality Education, a group of youth participants called upon policy makers and decision makers from government and different communities to actively address SRHR of young people and promote comprehensive sexuality education among young people.

Let's share their feelings, opinions and recommendations as follows, and their words might provide insights for youth services providers and educators: We, the participants of the 4th Asian Conference on Sexuality Education, declare that: We will uphold the goal of promoting gender equity, sexual and reproductive health and rights in Asia; through government leadership, decision-makers engagement and multi-sectoral cooperation, to further improve sexuality education strategies, advocacy, implementation and development of evidence-based programmes....

They may not know how to be critical and just satisfies their curiosity and desire without much consideration.

Eventually they become more naïve in their behaviours...

The cultural performance is specially arranged for the conference. ” “How can I talk about something so intimate and private?

The story of the Cantonese opera “The Dream of the West Chamber"" – Part 2 “the Illusion” can demonstrate how family sexual values and social class concept might influence the love and marriage of the next generations... Most couples find it difficult to talk about their sex life to others.

This semester, I had taken a course called Sexual Health and Human Sexuality.It was extremely enjoyable and useful that I not only learnt the sex knowledge through lecture in school but also some field trips like having guest talks, visiting clinic and mobile classroom ...In this semester, our course is collaborating with The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK).Student-led projects can be an effective intervention for generating HIV-related knowledge and decreasing sexual risk behaviors among adolescents.“Know AIDS, No AIDS” Creative School Projects on HIV/AIDS Prevention was launched in the academic year of 2017/18, recruiting 73 student ambassadors from 8 secondary schools and 2 tertiary institutes, reaching over 6,000 students in their school projects. To promote family sexuality education, FPAHK’s youth volunteer team Famplus2 organized a “Family Treasure Hunt” from 8 to 25 April.

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