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Imagine a grocery store that offered a helpful nudge in the right direction in the form of recipe recommendations and meal plans based on which aisle you were browsing and your stored preferences.

Or, say the store had an app that tracked your purchases to help you keep more food from ending up in the trash.

As once disruptive technology becomes the backbone of today’s infrastructure, how we work, commute and stay healthy are all on the verge of radical change.

Submitted by frog’s global team, here are 12 ways technology will change our lives next.

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Forcing a hard sale and coming off as pushy—especially at the wrong moment of time for an individual user—can put the relationship between a customer and brand at risk. New Google Homes and Amazon Echos launched with bases wrapped in fabric, better reflecting the cozy living spaces they’re designed to be invited into by customers.All the while, it will inform personalized, targeted, intelligent advice to help you get healthier.Trained to detect and treat different medical issues, edible health robots will also travel through the bloodstream to deliver important nutrients.To increase adoption and personalize these experiences, virtual assistants are becoming friendlier, more human and more in-tune with our preferences.Gone are the days of cold, robotic voices and phrases that feel generic to all users—your bots’ personalities will soon uniquely complement you.

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