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My Love from Another Star is a must-watch for sure.

Superb Playful Kiss An adaptation of classic manga Itazura No Kiss, Playful Kiss is a warm, bubbly drama about falling in love and growing up along the way.

The highlight of this drama is surely the handsome lead actor Kim Hyun Joong Playful kiss a drama which somehow relates to most of the girls love life... Really love the idea and the relationship between lee jong suk and park shin hye. the story mostly reflects the reporters and a family that was once shattered, this kind of acts a lesson to all reporters, I believe.

Oh Han Ni and Baek Seung Jo are of different worlds and have different views but still they fall for each other... It's cute and Baek Seung Jo was played really well by Kim Hyun Joong. You will immediately fall in love with this drama after the first episode. Pinocchio One of the best dramas that I've watched. I can't sleep thinking about what will happen in the end of the drama. I really hope they are real couple because they look very sweet and cute in this drama. This was one of the best dramas I have ever watched...

Then sure, it must be attract by all kind of people. If you would ask me to choose any Korean drama to watch all over again, there's no doubt I'd pick Secret Garden!

This series was definitely a combination of an epic love story and amazing portrayal of the different characters. This is my first ever seen korean drama and one of my favorite korean drama... I Can Hear Your Voice The first few episodes wasn't that special for me, but when it reached episode 8/9 the story became gripping and so thrilling that you can't stop.

Hands down to both the main actors as well as to the other characters in the drama. As the show progresses you can see how all the characters develop so much, even minor characters like the judge or attorney Shin.

This is a great drama full of so many different genres.

Her is my favorite character and will forever be in my heart. Go Mi Nam (Park Shin Hye) takes her twin brother's place in the fictional k-pop group 'A. jell' due to complications with his surgery and obviously, she has to hide that she's a female, so she dresses as a guy. ), however this is a drama that has values that goes beyond just entertaining the viewers, and I think that makes this so much more precious. Not to forget how amazing her co-star is, Lee Jong Suk. honestly, there isn't any episode that I feel bored or not special.

One part that I did not like, was the last two episodes, I actually really hate it when people get married in dramas and when they were being lovey dovey, well lets just say that they should have left that out, and when they had kids... I end up watching a lot of her drama and even movie. Love the chemistry between Gong hyo jin amd So ji sub You Are Beautiful This is my all time favourite kdrama.. Will put it straight (SPOILER AHEAD): the main lead actor and leader of the group Hwang Tae Kyung (played by the handsome Jang Geun Suk) finds out Go Mi Nam's a girl really soon, so it's no hidden fact that love is likely to brew between the two :) But he's a hard nut with a tough exterior and tries to get rid of her/stay away from her, which makes it all the more funny with her ditzy and clumsy personality that makes her likely to get caught, only for him to save her x) Also - Jeremy (Hong Ki) contributes to A LOT of the funny scenes... & since episode one, I already love the characters here and how the plot my two cents..

That was a big nono, dramas should not allow people to get married or have kids, that ruined it for me... But overall, the BEST drama I've ever watch by a fairly large amount. Gong Hyo Jin ( difficult to remember how to spell her name) is great. I think this drama definitely belongs in the top ten list not only because it has an amazing cast, but mostly because it has an interesting plot and the way it unfolded was definitely unique. it's simply just a drama not to miss, one of my top 3 for sure ^^ This is probably one of the best! Coffee Prince One of the popular gender bender dramas of all time!

I just love this drama, its is most romantic drama ever I songs, casts, story and locations all are lovable and fantastic. Of course if we start mentioning the cast, I think the fact that Gong Hyo Jin is in this drama should speak for itself. The actors are really good especially Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye.

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