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The exterminator told us he had to treat 9 other units before us.I believe certain parts of the complex to be infested which we contacted office but what about units that have not said nothing.She yells, screams and is slamming doors and throwing things in her is so loud it sounds like someone is kicking down the door . I have complained repeated times but no follow up has been given to how to proceed.The apartments are trying to get us to throw away furniture and get us to foot the bill.We had no bed bugs prior to moving here and notice neighbors saying they were getting bit also.

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(I am a trauma nurse at Delray Medical Center and there was a mass casualty that day).Also, many of my former neighbors continue to keep in touch with me and I was informed that BJ Levy has been discussing the fact that she is "suing me".When one of my former neigbors (who still lives in the Enclave) mentioned that she saw me out recently, BJ Levy reportedly said, "Did you tell her show owes me money?There is much more, but I have reached the limit allowed on this form.My neighbor under me has been falsley calling the police reporting a disturbance.

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